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Kris Elliott
When you work with professional photographer Kris Elliott, the focus is on you. From the finest formal portraits to fun, candid wedding party pictures, Kris’s artistry brings out the best in everyone.

“I always look for that special sparkle in the eye, the subtle details that really capture the life and warmth of my subjects,” Kris explains. “Even formal portraits should look natural and modern, not artificial or awkward.”

Kris’s calm, friendly approach creates a comfortable atmosphere for photo-sessions, allowing you as her client(s) to relax and enjoy yourself, while her acute artist’s eye and skills quietly capture dozens of lively and lovely images. Her careful, expert photo-editing will then refine and enhance the best shots, resulting in a generous package of images sure to satisfy your needs and desires.

Kris Elliott will help you preserve those precious moments and special events as timeless memories, in images that you will cherish and share for years and generations to come. 

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